The Pavilion of Siri Gautama Bodhi

The king Shakyan Clan, our Supreme Buddha accomplished Supreme enlightenment seated under the Vijaya Sri Jayasri Bodhi tree by the River Neranjara in Buddhagaya. Thereupon, He spent a week in deep meditation, which is called ‘Nirodha Samapaththi’, seated under the Bodhi tree. And received great respect from our great teacher called Animisa locana pooja, which is the supreme Buddha gazed at the Bodhi tree for a week. Remembering the Bodhi tree which sheltered the Supreme Buddha, at the time of the enlightenment, ‘Siri Gautama Bodhi tree’ was planted in the holy ground of mahamevna monastery along with four supporting Bodhi trees.

Sri Gauthama Damsak Stupa

In commemoration the 2600th Dhamma Chakra Jayanthi, the anniversary of setting the Wheel of Dhamma in motion by the Supreme Buddha which brought happiness to humans and deities and the 2600th Arya Sangha Jayanthi, the anniversary of establishing the Order of Monks, the Damsak Stupa was built with great devotion.

The Golden statue sculptured, with great attention to detail, and with much faith is in the position of setting the wheel of Dhamma in motion. The statue that reminds the Supreme Buddha enshrines scared Relics of the Supreme Buddha. Under the statue five bhikkus who listened to the very first Dhamma discourse are sculptured and the Arahanth Disciples who attain the Enlightenment after listening to the Anattha Lakkhana Sutta are symbolized by Swans at the bottom. The sacred veneration by the mother earth to the noble triple gem is shown with a hand holding a lotus.

In the upper compound of the Stupa, sacred relics of the Buddha, along with relics of hair-kesha dhatu, Buddha statues, and many other offerings are enshrined making the Stupa worthy of veneration. 

Let us, gain much merits that would provide great comforts by venerating this glorious stupa, Sri Gauthama Damsak Stupa, which is blessed with the endless virtues of the noble triple gem, with great respect and faith…