Fragrant Chamber

The Supreme Buddha who possessed a body with thirty two special features of a great man and an untainted mind, lived nineteen years of His life after enlightenment in the Jetavana monastery offered by the nobleman Anathapindika. Replicating the Sandalwood abode, which was made sacred by the presence of the Supreme Buddha, a Sandalwood chamber is built on the top floor of the Sambuddha Palace. In the Relic casket placed in the Sandalwood chamber sacred Relics of the Supreme Buddha are enshrined surrounded by relics of great arahants.
The chamber, which is filled with Sandalwood aroma emanating from the four walls, has a canopy of five levels of beautiful wood carvings made from Nadun wood and its roof is made of bronze titles. Four statues of the Four Protecting Gods venerating the Relics are placed in the four corners of the chamber. Each step taken towards this magnificent chamber stirs up the feelings of venerating the Supreme Buddha…

Visitors are not allowed to enter this Fragrant Relic chamber except on a special exhibition day. However offering puja items and paritta chanting are done five times a day in this Sacred chamber by the resident monks.

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